Miriam & Matthew

July 9, 2022 Real Weddings

A lovely Wedding that I almost didn't Photograph.

When Miriam contacted me requesting information about my services for her upcoming wedding on May 28th of 2022 I almost said no.

I had a wedding booked already for May 29th in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and I like to fly the day before the Wedding Day just to be safe.

Just before I replied to her inquiry on Weddingwire.com with something like: "I'm sorry but I'm already booked for your date" Something in me, like a feeling, make me reply with a yes, change my flight and commit to doing a Wedding in Texas on Saturday and another one in Florida the next day, a very risky move to my taste, but totally worth it, as I had the opportunity to meet this wonderful couple.

Country Style Wedding in Texas

The Couple

Is hard to describe without sounding cliché but after photographing couples for more than 15 years, one of the things that I enjoy the most is getting to participate in these life-changing events with my clients. Somehow I get to see from the front seat what marriage is all about.

But Miriam and Matthew are special, they showed me something else. They showed me that getting married is more than just a formality, it is also the promise you make to love and share your life together and create a Family.

Miriam and Matthew are very young, but just in years, they have the wisdom and maturity that a lot of older folks don't have.

The Venue

Miriam and Matthew wisely choose to get married at Mattew's family farm.

A decision that I applaud, not just because they got to save a lot of money but also because this location will have a stronger meaning in the future for them and long-lasting memory linked to the place where their journey began.

Your wedding venue not only should be beautiful (and this farm is gorgeous) but also have meaning to you.

The Wedding day...

With help from family and friends, Miriam organized an intimate but beautiful wedding. The open landscape had a wonderful feeling of freedom and a relaxed atmosphere accentuated by the hospitality and familiarity that everyone shared with the couple. I felt welcomed and very soon the day started to run smoothly.

Getting Ready Photos, Houston Weddings Photographer
Getting Ready Photos, Houston Weddings Photographer

Doing a Wedding Outdoors Texas

Texas is hot, really hot, and if you're planning your wedding outdoors here in summer or spring, be advised, will be hot.

For Miriam and Matthew was just another day at home and a beautiful day with a very nice breeze.

And then the sunset

Wedding Photos at sunset in Texas

In Conclusion

Miriam and Matthew had a beautiful wedding and I'm sure that they will remember and cherish this moment for the rest of their lives. I'm glad I said yes to being their wedding photographer and I'm honored that they choose me to be part of their special day.

Texas Wedding Photographer
Texas Wedding Photographer

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